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V01N1 1972 (Issued by Committee)

Committee Progress Report No. 1
Precious in the Sight of the Lord
Results of the Newsletter Questionnaire
Special Television Programs
Mass Media Committee
Brethren in Need of Help and Prayers
Cooperation in the Harvest Work
Divine Plan Foundation
Coming Conventions
Signs of the Times
Committee Roster

V01N2 1972

Announcement of Sponsorship by Dayton, OH Ecclesia
Committee Information: Colporteur, Mass Media, Newsletter, Printing, Tape
From Japan: Responses to Radio Program
Opportunities to Give and Receive

V02N1 1973

Committee Progress Reports
Brethren Around the World
Divine Plan Foundation Report on Japanese Work
Harvest Activities
Elders Committee Members for 1972-1973
Convention Calendar Service
Millennial Dawn Group NOT Jehovah's Witnesses

V02N2 1973

Committee Progress Reports
Colorado Bible Students Fourth Annual Program
Tool Room for Harvest Work
Radio Programs
Television Programs
Witness Activities
Divine Plan Foundation
Cooperation in the Harvest
The State of Israel after 25 Years (Columbus Dispatch)

V02N3 1973

Convention Echoes from Ft. Collins
Divine Plan Program Radio Broadcast Schedule
Large Size Divine Plan Charts Now Available
Chicago Republishing Survey
Report on Foreign Activities

V02N4 1973

Announcement 1974 Ft. Collins Convention
Responses from Divine Plan Radio Program
Republication of Studies in the Scriptures (New Brunswick)
Republication of the Reprints, Second time (Chicago)
Services for Brethren: Tapes, Printed Lecture Service
Group Trip to Poland and Israel - 1974
Coordinating Committee
Signs of the Times (Jewish Chronicle, London November 9, 1973)
Witness Activities
Work in Nigeria

V03N1 1974

Announcement 1974 I-O Convention
Responses from Radio Listeners
Republication of Reprints
Witness Efforts
Interesting Letters
Foreign Activities (Nigeria)
Ministering to the Saints
Signs of the Times (Courier-Journal and Times, Louisville, KY January 13, 1974)

V03N2 1974

Brother Daniel Morehouse Goes Home
Brother Martin Mitchell Enters into Rest
The Divine Plan Foundation
Radio Schedule Divine Plan Program
Echoes From the Harvest Work
Reprints Ready Soon
Witness Efforts
New Albany Bible Students Food for Thinking Christians
Ministering to the Saints

V03N3 1974

Convention Recollections (Ft. Collins, CO)
Testimonies from Convention (Ft. Collins, CO)
The Divine Plan Foundation
The Divine Plan TV Program
I-O Ecclesia's Centennial Convention
Witness Efforts

V03N4 1974

From Newsletter Readers
The Divine Plan Foundation (Japanese Work)
Radio Responses, TV Responses
Witnessing by Television
Serving Our Brethren
Other Witness Efforts

V04N1 1975

Announcement Colorado Convention 1975
Announcement I-O Convention
Volume Republishing Project
Divine Plan Foundation Report
The Last Week of Our Lord's Ministry with Text & Articles
Divine Plan Mailing Responses
Reflections upon a Visit to the Bible Lands (Br. Edward Lorenz)

V04N2 1975

Program Colorado Convention
National Advertising Grit Magazine, Prevention
Report from Japan (Br. Homer Hamlin)
Letters from Listeners
Letters from Viewers
Recent Literature

V04N3 1975

6th Annual Convention at Colorado, Testimonies
Report on I-O Convention
Our Ukrainian Brethren in Winnipeg, Manitoba
Serving the Brethren
Witness Efforts
Russian Radio Programs
Interesting Letters from Radio, TV

V04N4 1975

Testimonies by New Brethren in Christ
Witnessing by Word of Mouth
The Work in Japan
Republication Projects

V05N1 1976

Harvest Efforts
Responses to the Message
The Divine Plan Foundation
Signs of the Times (Position paper by Zionist Organization of America on Palestinian Claims to an Independent State)

V05N2 1976

Colorado Bible Students Seventh Annual Convention
Indiana-Ohio Ecclesias Second Regional Convention
Responses to the Message
Witness Efforts
Israel at the UN (Herzog)

V05N3 1976

Seventh Annual Convention Colorado Bible Students
Indiana-Ohio Second Regional Convention
Responses to the Message
Harvest Efforts
Signs of the Times (Israel s Biblical Right Wing, The Nation)

V05N4 1976

Echoes from the Past (60th Anniversary Pastor's Death, Foss Family, Srs. Mary Pacek, Victoria
Skwierawska, Rose Hirsh)
Insert: Services for Edification & Aids for Witnessing

V06N1 1977

The Witness in Japan
Letters of Interest
Signs of the Times (Scientists Attack Creationist Theory, Knights News Service, February 18, 1977)

V06N2 1977

The Indiana-Ohio Ecclesias Third Regional Convention
Colorado Bible Students Eighth Annual Convention
Republication of Studies in the Scriptures to be Completed in 1977
Harvest Activities and Services
Signs of the Times, Israel s water needs Addressed (Biblical Research Monthly)

V06N3 1977

Indiana-Ohio Third Regional Convention
The Colorado Bible Students Eighth Annual Convention
Our Brethren Speak
Harvest Efforts
Our Brethren in Japan (Br. Owen Kindig)

V06N4 1977

Pastor's Letter to Co-Workers in 1913
Centenarians Celebrate (Sr. Rose Hirsh, Br. John T. Reed)
Harvest Activities
Our Brethren Speak
Signs of the Times (Clarifies Br. Russell Not Founder of JWs, United Israel Bulletin)

V07N1 1978

Harvest Activities Operation: Japan, Colporteur Activities, Ft. Worth, San Diego
Truth Activity in Africa
Interesting Letters (Divine Plan Program Responses)

V07N2 1978

Harvest Activities
Audio Visual Witness Draws 1,000 ( For This Cause )
Work in Japan
Berlin Congress 100 years Ago
Israel Reflections on an Anniversary (Tel Aviv University)

V07N3 1978

The Indiana-Ohio Ecclesias Fourth Regional Convention
Colorado Bible Students Convention
Harvest Activities Greetings from Japan
Scheduled Showings For This Cause
Studies in the Scriptures on Tape

V07N4 1978

Harvest Activities
For This Cause Seen by Thousands
Schedule of Future Showings
The Work in Japan
Our Brethren Speak Sr. Rose Hirsh
Edgar Writings Republished

V08N1 1979

Harvest Activities
Colporteur Committee Expanding Activities
Japanese Witness Report
Future Showings For This Cause
Six Volumes Being Taped
Tabernacle Shadows in German
Visit to Israel Planned
Signs of the Times Quakes, deaths up in 1978 (Associated Press, February 3, 1979)

V08N2 1979

100 Years Ago Zion's Watch Tower
Indiana-Ohio Fifth Regional Convention
1914 Notable Year (Regarding Photodrama)
Future Showings For This Cause
Truth Witness in Africa
A Convention in Japan
Historic Republications (Statement of Purpose for Offering)
Light After Darkness
Facts for Shareholders
Charles T. Russell Will and Testament

V08N3 1979

Deaths Br. Ludlow Loomis
Volume Republishing Project
Harvest Activities
Volumes being Taped
Brother Russell s Changes in Volume VI
Concerted Actions on Conscientious Objectors Stand
Marking an Anniversary (Br. Russell s Death)

V08N4 1979

Group Trip to Japan
Harvest Activities
Signs of the Times Holy War (Bosworth)

V09N1 1980

Indiana-Ohio Sixth Regional Convention
Harvest Activities
For This Cause Report (Chicago Bible Students)
Divine Plan Foundation Inspiration Syndicate
Taped Volumes Appreciated
An Appeal to the Jewish People in Israel and the Diaspora (From the Chief Rabbinate of Israel)
Flyer: Bro. Russell s Changes in 1917 Edition Volume Six: Concerning Tentative Justification
Flyer: Studies in the Scriptures and Tabernacle Shadows on Cassette Tape

V09N2 1980

Indiana-Ohio Ecclesias Sixth Regional Convention
Ecclesia's Actions on Conscientious Objectors Stand (Metro Detroit)
Reprints in Demand
Convention in Japan (Br. Art Newell)

V09N3 1980

Indiana-Ohio Sixth Regional Convention
Committee for Religious Objectors is formed
Harvest Activities
Resolution Passed at Indiana/Ohio Ecclesias Convention
A Glimpse of History (on Pastor Russel, Seattle Legal News, September 1916)
Piltdown Hoax Still Controversial (NY Times Service, December 2, 1979)

V09N4 1980

Harvest Activities
Great Pyramid: Ancient Wonder, Modern Mystery
The Kingdom of the Cults (Book by Walter Martin)
Our Changing Calendar (History of Gregorian Calendar)
God's Providences Chart Br.Benjamin Barton
Directory of Ecclesia Meetings- Changes in Present Listings

V10N1 1981

Bible Students Coordinating Committee for Conscientious Objectors
Colporteur and Follow-up Report 1980
A Reply to UnChristian Charges- Letter to the Editor (Racine, Wisconsin Journal Times)
Brethren Attend Lectures on Cults
Giants in these Days (Philadelphia Inquirer)

V10N2 1981

Indiana-Ohio Ecclesias Seventh Regional Convention
Pyramid Show Seen by Thousands
Daily Heavenly Manna on Tape
Sermons by Benjamin Barton
Electronic Storage of Volumes Planned
Literature Supplement for Bible Students

V10N3 1981

Committee for Conscientious Objectors
Indiana-Ohio Ecclesias Seventh Regional Convention
For This Cause Showings
Public Witness Christmas Cards

V10N4 1981

104th Milestone Passed, Sr. Rose Hirsh
Entered into Rest- Brs. Wilbur Poe, Ernest G. Wylam, Paul Olchowy
Harvest Activities - All Creationists are Not Alike (Chicago Ad)
Conscientious Objectors Coordinating Committee
Signs of the Times (Post-Nuclear War Era Pictures as Dark Ages, AP, November 1, 1981)
In the News

V11N1 1982

100 Birthday - Br. King Barrett
Indiana-Ohio Ecclesias Eighth Regional Convention
Colporteur and Follow-up Committee Report for 1981
Harvest Activities
Chicago Bible Students (Attendance at For This Cause Showings)
Encouraging Letters
Food for Poland
Signs of the Times (Earth s Warming Alarms Scientist, Christian Science Monitor, January 1, 1982)
Literature Supplement-Corrections, Additions, Etc.

V11N2 1982

Indiana-Ohio Ecclesias Eighth Regional Convention
Newsletter Policy (re: Listing of Speakers at Conventions)
Sermons by Benjamin Barton
Creation vs Evolution

V11N3 1982

Chicago Bible Students Book Republishing Committee
Old Testament Comments Completed
Indiana-Ohio Ecclesias Eighth Regional Convention Reflections
Harvest Activities
Resolution of the Convention on Conscientious Objection
For This Cause goes International
Historic Glimpses- Death of Darwin 100 years ago
Samuel Morse

V11N4 1982

Sr. Rose Hirsh is 105
Harvest Activities
Bible Students Coordinating Committees for Conscientious Objectors
Signs of the Times (UN Leader Says World Near International Crisis)
Brethren Encouraged in South America

V12N1 1983

Religious vs Populations Update, 1982
Colporteur and Follow-up Committee Report, 1982
Roman Church Does Not Date from Apostolic Times R 660
In the News (Israelis Find Soviet Fortress in Lebanon, Review of the News Belmon, Mass, July 28, 1982)
Serving Our Brethren
International Convention
Not New, But Interesting R 4196
Twelve Rules for a Christian R 3593
Thousands of Quakes: What do they Mean? (NY Times January 18, 1983)
Sin Undone, Paradise Won (Poem)
Woman's Mission (Poem)
Penn's Holy Experiment 300th Anniversary (Grit October 24, 1982)

V12N2 1983

More on Population Update
Harvest Activities, Debate by D. Doran
Indiana-Ohio Ninth Regional Convention
Congress Declares Bible Word of God October 4, 1982
Religious Freedom Must Be Guarded
In the News- Cults-A Changing Image, (Cincinnati Enquirer, March 6, 1983)
JWs Prepare for Armageddon, (Daily News, Bowling Green KY, March 14, 1983)
John G. Wessel, A Reformer
A Call for a New Church Council, (Newsweek, February 21, 1983)

V12N3 1983

Indiana-Ohio Ecclesias Ninth Regional Convention at Hiram-Tornado Visits Convention, Public Talk
Signs of the Times (Christ s Body Moves Towards Unified Church, Youth Bible Study Up, Vatican Ties May be Coming)
For This Cause in Poland
Fire & Brimstone Quenched (Editorial, Br. David Hess, MV News, July 27, 1983)
Michigan State Fair Witness
Deluxe Set of Volumes
Sermons by Br. Robert Seklemian
Mock Trial for COs
Indiana-Ohio Convention Resolution on Conscientious Objectors
International Convention
The Bible's Chapters, Verses, Punctuations

V12N4 1983

Harvest Opportunities
A Centenarian Celebrates, Rose Hirsh
Anti-Religious Bigotry, (Contrast: The Creation Evolution Controversy)
1st Amendment Free Exercise Guarantees are a Joke
The Myth of Broad-Mindedness
Report from Poland- Sr. Lisa Groves
CO Seminars Started
Retirement Center for Bible Students
International Convention
Signs of the Times

V13N1 1984

Scientists Move up Doomsday
Protestant, Jews Criticize New US-Vatican Link-up, (NY Times, January 11, 1984)
Profiles in Harvest Work
Old Soldiers of the Cross Pass 100 Milestone - Brs. Jordan, Comer, Barrett
Photo-Drama Movies on Video

V13N2 1984

Entered into Rest- Seklemian, Barrett, Hirsh
Persecuted Russian Brother Escapes, Finds Brethren (Br. Bologa)
Retirement Center Progresses
SE Michigan says Follow-up Pays off
Book Jackets Promote Volumes
Change Changed, (Earl Nightingale)

V13N3 1984

Fiery Greek Brother Leaves Our Midst (Br. Peter Kolliman)
For This Cause Shown at World Methodist Center
In Memory of That Servant 68 years after October 31
A Tremendous Sense of Devotion (Br. Ishikawa)
India's Brother S.R. Gilbert Ends Earthly Labors
Greek Priest Accuses Brethren (Groton-New London, CT)
Preserving the Past (Br. Brian Kutscher)
Training Sessions for COs
You're with people Who Understand You (Youth Camp)

V14N1 and 2 1985

An Island of Faith: Our Brethren In Nigeria
Elderly? Isolated? What Can I Do? (Sr. Rose Henning)
International Gathering of Bible Students Held in Austrian Alps
Russell Writings on Bible Defended Against Critic
Old Rugged Cross seen by 1,000
Visitors Say Indians Love Harvest Message (Brs. Ric Cunningham, Brent Hislop)
Present Truth Infiltrates Nominal Church

V14N3 1985

The Work in Poland Increases ( For This Cause )
Encouraging News from Japan
Lord, I want to tell somebody!
Truth from John the Bandit? (Br. Pantel Hatgis)
Adults Attend Intensive CO Seminar (Columbus, OH)
Seklemians Sermons
New Children s Books

V14N4 1985

A Forgotten Corner: The Truth in South America (Br. Carl Hagensick)
Centennial Promotion Proposed
A Truth Heritage Recalled (Br. Lester Hendrick)
Indian Brethren Rejoice
William A. Baker, Pilgrim

V15N1 1986

Promotion to Proclaim 100 Years of Answers (First Volume)
New CO Milestone Reached for Elders
Nigerian Brethren Exhibit Growth
Letters from India
Pyramid Truth Shown at Chicago's Field Museum
Lively Responses to Mid-East Prophecy
Booklet, The Biblical Flood A Scientific Confirmation
New Ransom Tract

V15N2 1986

Centennial Promotion Moves Forward
UN Ambassadors Recommend Book on Pastor Russell
New Book About Pastor Russell Gains Widespread Attention (Horowitz)
French Brethren Preach Testimony of Truth
A Flood of Light An Appreciation of Volume One
Julius Bednarz
The Challenger Tragedy
Japan Revisited (Br. Richard, Sr. Shirley Evans)
American Sister Shares Life in Poland (Sr. Lisa Groves)

V15N3 1986

New England CO Seminar Trains Youths, Adults
A Flood of Light An Appreciation of Volume One
Winnipeg Friends Produce Videos with a Message
Historian Sees a Decline in Hell (David Anderson)
Chicago Bible Students, Where Are the Dead? Full Page Ad
New Booklet on Great Pyramid Available

V15N4 1986

Oldest Convention a Spring of Refreshment
Third Annual State Fair Witness, Door County, Wisconsin
Amateur Radio's Graveyard Chaplain Ends his Work - Br. Anton Frey
70 Years Ago- The Best & Most Widely known Minister in the World
Why Is This Sister Smiling? (Sr. Ethel Scott)
Brother Reaches First Century (Br. Laurel Vernon Davis)

V16N1 1987

London Convention Might be Oldest
Deaths- Brs. Alvin Raffel, Dan Kaziak
German Sister Finds Island of Faith in Poland
My Very Own Chart Coloring Book
Blessings From One Year Ago - The Summer of 86 (Photos)
Japanese Brethren Show Growth (Br. Richard, Sr. Shirley Evans)
Aid for Bible Students (Foundation Established)
Truth Literature for the Blind
Vatican's Age-Old Objections to Jerusalem (Letter to Jewish Horizon)
Pilgrim Echoes Printed

V16N2 1987

Christmastide Greetings from C.T. Russell (Postcard reprinted)
During Papal Visit,Detroit Ads Stirs Controversy
Jewish Press Heralds Bible Students Nationwide
B'nai B'rith Messenger May 22, 1987 (On Israel Appointment with Destiny )
A Flood of Light An Appreciation of Volume One
Judgment Day Blessing at Fair
Divine Plan Featured at Fair
Behind the Scenes at the United Nations (David Horowitz)
House of Quietness for the Elderly (Poland)

V17N1 1988

Young Sister Holding Fast in Panama
Newsletter Gets Joint Sponsor
The Israeli and Palestinian Problem
Century Milepost Passed (Br. Loyd Boulton)
Japanese Brethren Revisited (Br. David, Sr. Florence Niemyski)
Churches: Christians Did Not Replace Jews (The Orange county Register)
Aid Given Needy Brethren (Bible Students Aid Foundation)
Truth Literature Sent to India
For This Cause on Video
Interesting Letters from Listeners
Results of Newspaper Tract Insertions Compared

V17N2 1988

Shopping Mall Gets Restitution
Another Centenarian Celebrates Birthday (Br. David Dinwoodie)
Japanese Brethren Grow in Spirit (Br. David, Sr. Florence Niemyski)
Lundquist Tabernacle Exhibits Going Strong

V17N3 1988

Piqua Jubilee Convention A Joy to Many
Great Pyramid Passages Available
An Update for Conscientious Objectors
Convention in the News (Piqua, OH)
Tapes Offered to Public
A State Fair Witness 1988
Words Altered in Recent King James Versions
A Sister Recalls Beloved Brethren (Sr. Eva Peddemors)
Sr. Mary Jane Burns Shares Convention
Baptism Highlight of Nigerian Convention (Br. Jeff Hausman)
Indiana-Ohio Convention at New Site 1989

V18N1 1989

Our Brethren in the Ukraine, USSR (Br. Frank Boychuk)
Chicago's Republishing Projects
Truth Flourishes Among Indian Brethren (Br. Ric Cunningham)
Interviews in Israel (Br. Ken Rawson)
Books in Large Print Ready
Colporteur Committee Report
Proper Attire for the Christian

V18N2 1989

Fort Worth Ecclesia: A Beehive of Activity
Arad, Israel Has an Ecclesia
Greetings from Japan (Br. Owen Kindig)
Indiana and Ohio Ecclesias Annual Convention
Nine US Denominations One Step Closer to Rome (Battle Cry)
Portland Area Bible Students (Thy Word is Truth, Faith s Foundation)
Convention Happenings

V18N3 1989

South American Brethren Revisited (Br. Carl Hagensick)
Israel: Appointment With Destiny (First showing, Wilmington, DE)
Fair Booth Witness Blessed (Oakland County)
Public Witness At Jackson
Indian Brethren Blessed by Literature Windfall

V19N1 1990

Jerusalem: Yesterday and Today (Br. Paul Mali)
Divine Plan on BET Cable Television
Two Sisters Reach the Century Mark (Srs. Verna Stanislovitis, Alice Maloan)
Bologa Family and Friends, Moldavia Republic USSR
Sects The Problem and Challenge (The Sunday Guest)
Holy See Aims for Role as UN Conscience (NY Times)
Why Don't the Arabs Give the Palestinians a Homeland? (Mike Royko)
A Prophecy by David Ben-Gurion (Look Magazine 1962)

V19N2 1990

A Recent Trip to Israel (Brs. Ken Rawson, Paul Balko)
Tabernacle Model in the News (Br. Herman Hummel)
Joint showing of For This Cause Applauded
Fire Threatens Ft. Worth Showing
New Tract shows The Hunters are back
Brethren of Roumania and US in Touch
Flow of Mail Heavy from Ukraine
Piqua & Dayton Ecclesias Merge
Reprints to be computerized

V19N3 1990

Convention at Zakopane, Poland
KGB Foiled in Moldavia
Letters from Brethren in Ukraine
History of the Truth in Romania
Synagogue in Poland: Site of Public Witness
Translators Needed
Israel Show at I-O Draws Arab Protest
Gen. Alexander Haig Receives 1990 American-Israel Friendship Award (United Israel Bulletin)
Supplement to Vol 19 No 3
West Meets East in Romania

V20N1 1991

A World on Fire Yet Many are Blessed
Convention in Jerusalem 1993
I praise the Way He led Me Day by Day (Sr. Alice Maloan)
Machaceks Suffer Tragic Loss of Son
A Meeting Between Selective Service and Bible Students
Israel Appointment with Destiny (Brs. Rawson, Balko meet Yitzhak Rabin)
19 Countries Represented at International Convention
Brethren in Finland
Three Volumes in Work (Chicago Republishing Committee)
Computer Bank of Harvest Writings Ready Now

V20N2 1991

Romanian Greetings to America
Village of Paniceni Served
Ministering to the Needs of the Brethren (Romania)
A Funeral in Calinesti, Romania
International Mail Bag
Evangelism in Finland (Br. Carl Hagensick)
Witness Given at Two Fairs
Publishing the Truth in Romania
Echoes from the Ukraine
Romanian Report Available (Br. Allen Springer)

V20N3 1991

Lviv: First Free Convention in 52 years (Brs. Boychuk, Hrechuk, Olchowy)
The Half Has Not Been Told... (Br. George Wilmott)
Canadian Brethren Visit Poland and the Ukraine
That Faithful and Wise Servant (Seattle Legal News, 1916)
A Conversation with Sr. Elizabeta Precup at the Newsletter Office
More about our Romanian Brethren (Br. Allen Springer)
Past Suffering in Poland Recalled
Russia! What Next? (Ad, New Brunswick)
Meetings Via the Telephone
Br. Frey s Notes

V20N4 1991

From the Land of the Rising Sun: Good Tidings! (Br. Owen Kindig)
Water! The Crucial Issue in Middle East (Br. Ken Rawson)
Divine Plan on Radio begins 20th Year
A Thrilling Witness at South Bend
Romanian Trip Highlights- October 1991
Progress Report - Computer Work in Romania
Parliament of World's Religions
Fair Booth Witnessing (Oakland County, MI, Newark, DE)
On the Scene Observations from Brethren in Israel (Brs. Jack Campbell, Arden Bausch)
Indiana-Ohio Ecclesias 18th Annual Convention
Jerusalem Convention

V21N1 1992

Was the Holocaust a Hoax? (The Columbus, OH Bible Students Answer)
Bible Students Witness to Israeli Government Leaders (Br. Ken Rawson)
Greetings from the Bible Students Convention, Toyohashi, Japan November 23, 1991 (Br. Owen Kindig)
Israel Appointment with Destiny (900 in Phoenix, AZ)
Chicago Ecclesia Offers More Study Helps, Expanded Comments Offered in One Book
Happening in Israel, 1992 (Br. Arden Bausch)
Pearl Harbor in the Middle East (Jerusalem Post, December, 1991)
The Rekindling of Hell (U.S. News and World Report, March 25, 1991)

V21N2 1992

Religion in the News
Truth told in Baptist Church (Br. George Wilmott)
My Partner the Pope (Gorbachev, NY Times, March 9, 1992)
Showers of Blessing in Moldova and Romania (Br. George Wilmott)
LA Burns Again! Rioting after Rodney King (Editorial Ad, New Brunswick)
Another Exciting Week with Audiovisual: Israel Appointment with Destiny (Staten Island, N.Y.)
Ft. Worth Bible Students Letters from Listeners
National and International Religion Report
Br. John Edgar
A Radio Interview with Malachi Martin (Author)
Parting of Red Sea: Computer says Possible (LA Times, March 13, 1992)

V21N3 1992

A Prayerful Passage to Eastern Europe (Br., Sr. Leslie, Brs. Hrechuk, Gray, Srs. Szatko, Manzuk)
Hurricane Andrew Wrecks Baum s Home
European Jews Also To Be Comforted
Nigerian Brethren Rejoice in Convention Blessings (Br. Rick Evans)
Letters Shared from Interested Nigerian
Israel Takes Steps Toward Closer Ties with European Community (Wall Street Journal, August 24, 1992)
Nazism and Arab Nationalism - The Bond Endures (Newsletter of the International Christian Embassy in Jerusalem, July/Aug., 1992)
Israel and the Vatican (Newsletter of the International Christian Embassy in Jerusalem, July/August, 1992)
Middle East Hourglass (Chronology of events, February 27- April 16)

V21N4 1992

Israel The Land of Promise
Romania: A short Trip Long on Blessings (Br., Sr. Cunningham, Sr. Koterba)
Newark Fairs Revisited
Witness at three Michigan Fairs
For This Cause Shown (Cincinnati, OH)
Lord's Providences Mark Romanian Visit (Br. Springer, Br., Sr. Wilmott)
The soaring status of religion in America (Grit, September 27, 1992
Pocket Manna and Songs in the Night Ready Now
Historic Mission to Israel

V22N1 1993

The Military Tribunal Passes Judgment (Br. Fodor Lazar- Romania)
Br. Fodor Lazar Tells His Story
Israel Mission Momentum
Indiana-Ohio Ecclesias Convention 1993
Entered into Rest (Sr. Vera Leverett)
Prisoner's Wife Perseveres in the Lord
Alaska Has Three Bible Students - Are There More?
Highlights from Israel Mission (3-tape set)

V22N2 1993

A New Booklet (Parliament of World Religions)
Spirit of Sacrifice Evident in Romania (Brs. Springer, Wilmott)
A Long-Awaited Volume Now Ready (Harvest Gleanings III)
Six Volumes - Deluxe Edition
1916 Reprints on Tape
Imprisoned in Romania (Br. John Petrita)
A Historical Mission in Romania (Sr.Beti Precup)
Food for Thinking Christians (Br. Charlie Chambers)
For This Cause Shown in Detroit
Computer Work in Romania
A Parliament of World Religions and One World Church (Booklet)

V22N3 1993

Colorado Bible Students Let Their Light Shine at Pope's Visit to Denver
The Branover Report (Jerusalem Post, July 6, 1993)
What Beauty Ce Frumos! Discovered in Romania! (Brs. Davis & Springer)
Union of Protestant Churches Advances (Presbyterian Layman, July/August, 1993)
The Sermon Book on Tape
1916 Reprints on Computer
Gift of Reprints to India Brings Great Joy
Public Witness at I-O Convention, Lexington, KY
Ominous Signs and Unthinkable Thoughts (Ellie Wiesel)
About the Jerusalem Report
Report of The Jerusalem Convention and Israel Tour with Egypt Extension

V22N4 1993

The Light Penetrates China's Darkness (Br. David Jambor)
Testimonies by Departed Brethren (Sr. Amy Pampling, Br. Steve Zaboski, Br. Wallace Wnorowski)
Israel: Agricultural Miracle (1977, Israeli Information Desk, Cleveland, OH)
Israel Mission Ripples Become Waves
Ecclesias Publish Peace and Salvation
County Fair a Wash-out! (DE)
Oakland County at Michigan State Fair
The Gutenberg New Testament
Romanian Brethren Get Volumes in Own Language
Manna Text Calendar 1994
Charitable Contribution and the 1993 Tax Act
The Unfinished Business of WWI (Indianapolis Star, September 16, 1993)

V23N1 1994

Earthquake (Br. Leon, Sr. Barbara Millin)
Kept by the Power of God
Swarm of Temblors Jangles Raw Nerves
Truth Working in Hearts Worldwide (Ukraine, Estonia, Rotterdam)
Clarification of the Statement of Purpose
Electronic Mail
World Parliament of Religions; 1893-1993

V23N2 1994

Blessings in India Recounted (Brs. Ric Cunningham, Dan Monette)
A Mission of Comfort to Both Israels in Romania (Brs. Springer, Rawson)
The UN Is Wrong-Jerusalem Is Not Occupied Territory (New Brunswick)
Large Print Volume Two Ready
Vow, Morning Resolve Cards
The Hanging Manna
Brethren Communicate Via America Online (Br. Rob Ostry)
Fascism on a Pedestal (NY Times, December 7, 1993, Andrei Cadrescu)
Blessings in India Recounted

V23N3 1994

Growth Observed in Ukraine Brethren (Br. Frank Boychuk, Brs. Walter, David, Sr. Jean Hrechuk, Br.John, Sr. Mary Olchowy)
Bounds of our Tribulation Fixed
Extended Stay in Moldova-Romania, Blesses All (Br. Jerry, Sr. Sharon Leslie, Br. Larry Davis)
Fire Threatens Brethren's Homes (Wenatchee, WA)
World Report: 17 Nations in Peril
Israel First with Medical Team to Rwanda (Jerusalem Post, August 6, 1994)
Scientists Say Boat Buried High on Mountain Is Noah s Ark (The Observer, Turkey)
4-page Literature and Services Supplement for Bible Students
Comforting Jews and Witnessing to Christians (Br. Ken Rawson)
Fair Booth Witness in Hope, Indiana
Colporteur Says It s a Blessed Privilege!
A Great Offer: Free Air Time!
History Seen in Yeovil Pyramid

V23N4 1994

New York Times Carries Truth Witness
Response to Times Ad
Death of Sr. Louise Frey Recalls Early History
A Mother's Perspective on Romania (Sr. Bidigares)
Russian Jews To See Israel Video
Zeal of Few Seen in Two Fairs (DE)
Holding Forth the Word of Life
Divine Plan Big at Michigan Fairs
Reprints Available Again
Our Most Holy Faith
A Polish Pilgrim Dies in Death Camp (Br. Stahn Martyred in 1945)
Pyramid at Yeovil, England Correction
More on the Clarification of the Statement of Purpose

V24N1 1995

A Reunion with Japanese Brethren (Br. Owen, Sr. Peg Kindig)
Looking Back at the Work in Japan
Grass- The Mother of All Grains (Nature)
Small Ads in Magazine Fruitful to Wilmington, DE Ecclesia
Biography Br. Ludlow Loomis
Luther's Words Spur Followers' Apology to Jews (Minneapolis-St. Paul Star Tribune)
Remark Spurs Witnessing Adventure (Sr. Beti Precup)

V24N2 1995

Another Side of Romania (Sr. Linda Koreny)
Japanese Story Correction
Hundreds Visit Booth at Flea Market (SW Florida)
Sarah Dragos is Born
Omissions in Pilgrim Echoes
Israeli-Arab Peace Process and Bible Prophecy (Booklet, Br. Ken Rawson)

V24N3 1995

Many in India Hear Present Truth (Brs. Varma, Ebenezer)
Pastors Reject Truth Witness
Loyalty to God R. 5019
Israel and the Rites of a First born Israeli-male (Br. Don Canell)
In Thee O Lord do I put my Trust (Br. Larry Davis on Romania)
Connellsville Bible Students
Blessings Abound at Michigan Fair
A Little Child Shall Lead Them
Divine Plan Foundation Celebrates 25 Years of Witness Activity
Update: Computerized Truth Material
Two More Volumes in Large Print
Memorial Gift a Tribute to Donors

V24N4 1995

A Funeral: Grand Witness in Moldova (Br. Costea, Sr. Iachim)
A Romanian Recounts Visit to US (Br. C. Crisan)
Ads Get Attention in Chicago Sun-Times
John Paul II World Statesman - in Bible Prophecy (New Brunswick)
Antichrist (Newark Star Ledger, October 18, 1995)
Armageddon Delayed (Reuter)
Bible Students Aid Foundation (Explanation)
Printing in Chicago
Large Print Volumes
World Wide Web Home Page (Chicagobible.org)
Harvest Truth Database Windows Version
The Rabin Assassination What Next (Br. Ken Rawson)
History of Class at Yeovil, England (Br. Hudson)
Injuries Suffered in a Fall

V25N1 1996

Reflection on Ukraine Visit (Sr. Cher-El Hagensick)
Fifth Universal Empire
Sharing in Your Sorrow
Truth Told in Rotterdam
This Far and No Farther (Sr. Rose Knockaert)
The Arab Boycott of Israel (FLAME, San Francisco, CA)
All Six Volumes Now in Large Print
Revelation Booklet
Selective Service Update
Literature Offered by Chicago Bible Students
Anglicans' take on the Netherworld- Stir Fiery Debate (Philadelphia Inquirer)

V25N2 1996

Bulgarian Brethren Translate Divine Plan
Sister Sara Ruggirello's Earthly Life Ends
Comfort to the Jews A Report (Br. Ken Rawson)
Threat of Violence Looms in Middle East (Reuters)
Tree fossils Found, Evidence of Ancient Forest in Antarctica (The Milwaukee Journal Sentinel)
Oakland County Ads in Bible Review
New Booklets Offered by West Suburban Bible Students

V25N3 1996

Our Nigerian Brethren (Brs. Paul Lagno, Ray Luke, Jim Watkins)
A Spiritual Commencement Sister Mary Rogers Norby
Her Daughter s Testimony (Sr. Ruth Maillard)
Conditions Observed in Eastern Europe (Br.Jerry, Sr. Sharon Leslie)
Darin York Dies in 16th Year
Exciting Time in Romania and Moldova (Br. Larry Davis)
Buchheit Family Suffers Tragedy
Public Witness Gets Hearty Response (Toronto, Canada)
For This Cause Seen at Columbus
Library System Accepts Videos (Portland, OR)
Quotes from Truth Seekers in Romania
Jewish Youth and Others See Israel Video

V25N4 1996

Mission to Israel 1996
Sister Mary Jane Burns 1913-1996
For This Cause Video Gets New Brochure
TWA Crash Prompts Comfort Ads (Connellsville, PA)
Notes on the Passover and the Memorial (Br. Anton Frey)
More from Life of Departed Saint (Sr. Antonia Komanowski)
Two Pages from History (Russell-Netanyahu, Emphatic Diaglott)
A Desecration of Truth (Krauthammer on Opening of Tunnel, Time October 14, 1996)
Israel Echoes Weekend (Central OH)
Israel Mission '96 Exceeds Fondest Expectations
Russian Language Presentation in Ariel
Russian Showing on the Golan Heights
Hebron A Must
The Gaza Strip
Meetings with Israeli Leaders
Another Miracle
The Land, The People, The Torah
1997 1-0 Convention

V26N1 1997

Blessings Past and in Prospect Israel Echoes Uplifting
Group Sees Need of Book on Pastor Russell
Indiana to Host 1997 I-O Convention
Br. Gheorghe Crisan (1947-1997)
Br. Hipolit Olesczynski A Faithful Loyal Soldier of the Cross
Jewish Faith Flowers in Israel (Carolyn Duley)
The Syria-PLO Axis (Uri Dan, Dennis Eisenberg)
Reprints on Audio Tape
Book of Seklemian Discourses Planned
Booth in Marketplace Attracts Priest
People of Muncie to See For This Cause

V26N2 1997

Harvest Work Thriving in India (Brs. Ric Cunningham, Dan Monette)
Indian Brethren Fervent in Spirit (Br. Ernie, Sr. Janice Kuenzli, Br. Jeremy Zendler, Br. Tom, Sr. Nancy Machacek)
Is the Bible Lost Today?
For This Cause Shown in Milwaukee
Toronto Public Witness
Witnessing with Editorial Ads
Indiana-Ohio Ecclesias 23rd Annual Convention
To Rectify

V26N3 1997

Poland and Ukraine: Prospering in Spirit (Brs. Boychuk, Hrechuk, Wilmott)
Arafat Not Playing Role of a Partner (Dayton Daily News Editorial May 29, 1997, Dayton, Ohio by Mona Charen)
Nussel s Findings Enrich Library
Truth Connection to Eisenhowers Confirmed
Brethren a Gazingstock at Fair Booth (Hope, IN)
Public Witness in Muncie
Truth on Web Site Brings Responses (Br. Dan, Sr. Donna Torluemke)
New Book: Harvest Truth Topical Comments
Videos available on the Net (Central OH)
Proposed Book on Pastor Russell
Doctrine of Christ (Booklet)

V26N4 1997

Some Highlights of the Year 1997
An Afflicted One Delivered (Br. Henry Kwolek)
Sister Josefa L. Gniadek Dies in Poland
The Fellowship of Saints A Trip to Hungary and Romania (Brs. Paul Balko, Rawson)
Video Ads in Bible Review Magazine
End Times Follow-up mailing (Central OH)
Reprint Listening Grows
Heart Communion with Jesus During His Last Week (Booklet, Br. Ken Rawson)
Divine Plan Charts in Plastic
Traveled 400 Miles To Borrow Volume (Br. Timo Nordman)
The Earth Shall Yield Her Increase (Br. David Hauke summary, Scientific American)

V27N1 1998

Brethren Spared in Killer Tornadoes (FL)
Attacks Kill 50, Injure 100 in India
Newsletter s 25th Anniversary Announced
100 Years of Blessings (Sr. Ruth Greaves)
Printing- The Story of Its Invention and Its Service to Mankind
A New Video: Messiah: The Message Behind the Masterpiece
Spot Commercials Offered Ecclesias (Chicago)
Happy Birthday Israel! (Ad, Portland)
First Internet Convention
Fiery Trial in Romania

V27N2 1998

Israel's Jubilee-A Half-Century of Miracles (Br. Ken Rawson)
Anniversary Edition
Death- Br. Edward G. Lorenz
Vatican Penitence Still Long Overdue (Editorial Ad, New Brunswick)
Another Jubilee - World Council of Churches Formed 1948
Fire Damages Zaboski Home
Bible Student Pilgrim Service (Colorado Bible Students)
Romanian Phrases Tape
Bible Student Witness Committee - Web pages for Witnessing (Brs. Baker, Chastain, McClellan, Rawson)

V27N3 1998 - 8 page Issue

First Mission to Siberia (Br. Leslie, Sr. Cher-El Hagensick, Sr. Zoriana Dowhan, Br. Vasea Neagu)

V27N4 1998

25th Anniversary Issue
A Regathering of Eagles (Ft. Collins, CO convention, Br. Larry Davis)
Where and How It Began (Bible Student Newsletter Brs. Stanley Gorgas, Edward Borowiec)
History of The Dayton Ecclesia (Sr. Mildred Raffel)
Newsletter Production: The Early Years
The Early Newsletter Years (Br. Jim, Sr. Bonita Heeg)
Cub Reporter Becomes Co-editor (Br. Glenn Pryor)
The Centennial Convention
Bible Student Photographer (Br. David Niemyski)
Republishing Harvest Truths:
The Reprinting of the Reprints
Because They Had a Will to Work... Collating the Reprints (Participants)
Bible Students Publications, Inc. (Br. George Tabac)
Chicago Bible Students Book Republishing Committee (Br. Art Jezuit)
Printing Committee Appointed at Fort Collins (Br. Ken Rawson)
Harvest-Related Works Reprinted (Br. Jerry Leslie)
Volumes Reprinted in New Form (Br. George Wilmott)
Grand Witness Privileges:
Harvest Truth on the Air: The Divine Plan Program (Br. George Wilmott)
Studies in the Scriptures on TV (Winnipeg Ecclesia)
A New Ecclesia: Toronto Area Bible Students
For This Cause - Audiovisual Presentation (Br. George Tabac)
The Great Pyramid: Ancient Wonder, Modern Mystery (Br. Richard Kindig)
Israel: Appointment with Destiny (Br. Ken Rawson)
Discovering Brethren Worldwide:
The Divine Plan Foundation-A Short History (Br. Edward Lorenz)
Ministry in Japan (Br. Owen Kindig)
Our Brethren Abroad (Br. Carl Hagensick)
Ministry in Africa Begins (Br. Carl Hagensick)
Ministry Broadens in Africa (Br. Richard Evans)
The Harvest Work in India (Br. Ric Cunningham)
Traveling with Br. Peter Sunder Raj Gilbert (Br. Carl Hagensick)
Ukrainian Harvest Work at Home and Abroad (Winnipeg Bible Students)
Group Visits Romanian Brethren (Br. Carl Hagensick)
East Meets West (Br. Allen Springer)
Our Spiritual Family in Romania & Moldova (Br. Jerry Leslie)
Related Activities:
Looking Back (Br. Eugene Burns)
Colorado Bible Students Ecclesia (Br. Larry Davis)
Columbus Ecclesia and Related Activities (Br. Owen Kindig)
Jackson Bible Students (Br. Edgar Buckley)
Bible Students of Metro Detroit
North Seattle Bible Students (Br. Don Canell)
Work While it is Today (Br. Charlie Chambers)
Bible Students in Nebraska (Br. Tom Gilbert)
Bellingham, Washington Ecclesia (Br. Richard Stewart)
Wilmington/Chesapeake City Ecclesia (Br. Tim Armstrong)
The New Albany Ecclesia (Br. David Doran)
New Brunswick Bible Students (Br. Ken Rawson)
Fort Worth Bible Students Activities (Br. George Wilmott)
Oakland County Bible Students (Br. Ric Cunningham)
Associated Bible Students of Waterbury (Br. Anthony Tsimonis)
Miami Valley Bible Students (Br. Allen Springer)
Hartford Bible Students (Br. Dan Slivinsky)
Gleanings from 25 Years of the Newsletter
Benefits, Testimonies and Tributes:
The Bible Students Aid Foundation (Br. David Doran)
Bible Students Archives (Br. Brian Kutcher)
Testimonies (Br. Dick Lalley)
Tributes: Brs. Loomis, Norby, Seklemian, Sr. Hirsh
List of Immersions Reported in Previous 25 years (Alphabetical)
List of Those Entered into Rest Reported in Previous 25 years (Alphabetical)
A Tribute to Pastor Charles Taze Russell

V28N1 1999

600 Attend Public Meeting Series in India (Br. Varma)
Child's Murder Grieves Sister
Zaboski Family Suffers Tragic Loss
Cambridge Encyclopedia Corrects Pastor Russell Entry
Last Chautauqua Convention 50 Years Ago
1,200 Attend Convention in Barn (Br. Leon Millin)
Pilgrim Service Report
Audio Reprints Update
Annual Witness at Stock Show (Ft. Worth)
Web Site Yields Treasure for Truth Seeker
Brethren s Courage Rewarded in Repeat Fair Witness (Hope, IN)
The Life, Ministry and Legacy of Pastor Charles Taze Russell

V28N2 1999

Comfort Message Follows Littleton Tragedy
Comforting Natural and Spiritual Israel in Moldova (Br. Ken Rawson)
Former Prisoner Now Free To Preach (Br. Ioan Galis)
7-in-1 Studies In the Scriptures Now Available
Large Print Volumes
New Pilgrim Service in Former USSR
Spanish Language Internet
Ad States Arafat and Koran in Conflict (New Brunswick)
Great Success with Ad Encouraging Israel (Wilmington, DE)
Letter of Withdrawal from Babylon
Anglican-Roman Panel Nears Agreement (Associated Press)

V28N3 1999

Christian Questions Celebrates 1st Anniversary
Lutherans Approve Apostolic Succession through Episcopal Church (August 19, 1999 by Richard N. Ostling, Associated Press)
Seven Glimpses To Remember (Br. V. Neagu, Sr. B. Precup Reflections of Trip to US)
India: The Wide Open Door (Br. Varma)
Internet Harvesting
Two Witness Privileges
Water Draws 700 to Truth (Starkville Bible Students)
I-O Showing of Pyramid Video Spurs Interest in Follow-up Seminar
1999 Michigan State Fair
Good News from a Far Country (Br. Tom, Sr. Christina Filicky)
Report of Internet Activities
Magazine First Volume
The Volumes in Indian Languages
Divine Plan Program
News from Nigeria (Br. Kome Adjisi)
Bible Students Visit Ghana, West Africa
Late Breaking News

V28N4 1999

A city that is set on an hill cannot be hid Matt. 5:14
African Aid Report November 14, 1999 (Oakland County)
Comforting Natural Israel in Eastern Europe (Br. Ken Rawson)
Harvest Activities in Eastern Europe and Beyond (Br. Jerry Leslie)
Cloth Charts Now Available
The Bible Students Retirement Center

V29N1 2000

Moldovan Brethren Bring Joy to Siberia (Br. Vasea Neagu, Sr. Natasa Neagu)
Wesley's Belief (Nazarene Archives)
Br. Nicoara Nanestean (Obituary)
Br. Albert O. Hudson (Obituary)
The Van Allen Radiation Belts
India Follow-up Meetings (Br. D. Varma)
Doors Open for Romanian Pilgrim Br. Ioan Galis
Three New Booklets (New Brunswick)

V29N2 2000

Brethren Found After 60 years (Criva, Moldova)
Harvest Goes Grandly On in India (Br. D. Varma)
Br. Charlie Chambers (Obituary)
Light Ideas (Rocky Mountain News, Denver, November 15,99)
Mission of Comfort to Israeli Leaders (Br. Ken Rawson)
Divine Plan Foundation Activities
The New Albany Chronology Chart Collection
Martin Luther (History of the Christian Church, Phillip Schaff)
Lessons from the Geese
Anglicans and Roman Catholics Pray for Unity (National Post)

V29N3 2000

The Glorious Light of Harvest
Study to show thyself approved... 2 Tim. 2:15 (New Albany, IN)
They...went everywhere preaching the word. Acts 8:4 (Central OH)
The harvest is abundant, but the reapers are few... Matt. 9:37 Weymouth (Baltimore, MD)
...As ye go, preach...The Kingdom of heaven is at hand... Matt. 10:7 (Wilmington, DE)
Thou hast given a banner to them that fear thee, that it may be displayed because of the truth. Psa. 60:4 (Oakland County)
Holding forth the word of lifeďż˝ Phil. 2:16 (Br. D. Varma)
Immersion Memory Testimonies (Miami Valley, OH Convention)
The Angel of the Lord Delivers (Br., Sr. Tennant, Sr. Stratton, Br. Andrew Nolan)

V29N4 2000

The Truth Movement in Romania and Moldova: An Update (Br. Allen Springer)
Public Showing of Messiah Video (Miami Valley, OH)
Ft. Worth Stock Show Witness
Great Pyramid Passages (Portland, OR)
New Israel Tract (Central OH)
Chart of the Ages in Spanish
The Gods That Failed (Christianity Today, January 11, 1999)

V30N1 2001

Internet Keeps Brethren in Touch after Seattle Earthquake
Divine Providence in Our Daily Life from Moldova to Tulun (Siberia) and Back (Br. Viorel, Sr. Natasa Neagu)
Chicago s Reprinting Update
New Booklet from New Albany
1-0 Convention
Behind the Scenes at Christian Questions
Earthquake Ads Bring Good Response
Prison Inmates Hearing the Truth
Ft. Worth Stock Show Report for 2001
Harvest Work in India
Religious News Briefs
Divine Plan Program on TNN
Churches Try to Form Organization (Associated Press, Richard N. Ostling)
The Value of Time

V30N2 2001

Visit to Sisters On Top of the World (Br. Jerry Leslie, Br. Allen Springer)
Thrilling Opportunities in the Lord's Service (Br. Ken Rawson)
27th Annual Indiana-Ohio Bible Student Ecclesias Convention
Great Pyramid Passages New Printing Now Available
India Update
Christian Questions Colaborers
Religious News Briefs
Letting Our Light Shine R. 3245
World News Briefs
World s Smallest Transistor
Church Leaders Question Bible (London, December 27, 2001 Reuters)

V30N3 2001

A Day of Terror September 11, 2001
Will There Be a Draft? (Br. Ken Rawson)
Religion in the News
Mission to Ukraine (Br. Walter Hrechuk, Br. Frank Boychuk)
Two New Websites Serve Brethren (HarvestAudio.com, HarvestTruth.com)
World News Briefs
Status of Bible Students in England (Br. Donald Holliday, Br. Frank Boychuk)

V30N4 2001

Throngs Hear Truth Witness in India
Study: Internet Users Get Religion (Reuters)
Update on Brethren in Germany (Br. Samuel, Sr. Annick Stalder)
An 8th Grade Education in 1895
Religion in the News
International Ad Brings Overwhelming Response (USA Today)
MVBS Public Witness Why God Permits Evil and Human Suffering
World News Briefs
Important Bulletin for Religious Conscientious Objectors

V31N1 2002

Visiting Israel Under Attack (Br. Ken Rawson)
Police Fail To Stop Mission to Siberia (Br. Vasea Neagu)
Antarctic Ice Shelf Collapses with Surprising Speed (Associated Press)
The World Scene at Pastor Russell's Birth
World News Briefs
Websites Serve Brethren
Berean Questions on E-mail and CD-ROM
Christian Questions on Tape
A Witnessing Suggestion
Spanish Chart of the Ages
Religion in the News
How To Maintain Purity of Heart R. 5122

V31N2 2002

Six-Day Witness in India Draws 12,000 (Br. D. Varma)
Chinese/Mandarin Translation Needed
Christian Questions Radio Airs 200th Broadcast
Conscientious Objection to War
Sharing Travels in Europe with Brethren (Br. Jerry Leslie)
New Large Print Hymn Book
World News Brief
Religion in the News
Remembering Brother Benjamin Barton

V31N3 2002

Technology Enhancing Global Fellowship
Owen R. Kindig - Newsletter Pioneer Dies
News from the Retirement Center
Two Offers from the Fort Worth Bible Students
Radio Questions Program
World News Briefs
Religion in the News
Public Witness on Israel (Br. Todd Alexander)
Update on Work in India
Siberian Travels Part II (Br. Jerry Leslie)
Remarkable Deliverance (Sr. Cindy Wagner)
Comfort Outreach in Canada (Br. Ken Rawson)
The Palestinian Rewrite of History KILLS... (Ad, Br. Ken Rawson)
New Brunswick Offers 9-11 Comfort

V31N4 2002 (Misprint Volume 32- should be Volume 31)

Go Ye also Into the Vineyard
Archaeological Evidence of Jesus Christ? (Biblical Archaeology Review)
Newspaper Article Sparks Muslim Riot in Nigeria
Where Was God on September 11, 2001?
Ghana Brethren Blessed by Pilgrims Visit (Brs. Ariwodor, Ashiegbu)
Creation Triumphs Over Evolution (Booklet, New Brunswick)
Inquiries on the Title Pastor (Br. Ken Rawson)
Large Print Books (Miami Valley, OH)

V32N1 2003

Observations and Reflections of India (Br. Larry Davis)
Price of New Cloth Charts Reduced
Tabernacle Charts
New Location for I-O Convention
Overruled by the Lord (Br. Ken Rawson)
World News Briefs
Religion in the News

V32N2 2003

A Blessed Reunion in Japan (Br. Todd Alexander)
A View into the Past - Scripture Studies Printed Here
Volume Printing and 1916 Forewords
Record Number of Tornadoes Hammer Mid-West
Journey To Encourage the Friends in Siberia (Sr. Beti Precup)
World Briefs and Religion in the News

V32N3 2003

An American In Romania (Br. Allen Springer)
Angels and Demons Discussed at Public Meeting
Where was God on 9/11?
Ad Offers Comfort (Starkville, MS)
East Coast Power Failure
Correction in Large Print and Standard Edition
Religious Currents
World News Briefs

V32N4 2003

Proclaiming the Gospel
Fires Devastate Southern California
Pastor Russell's Grave Stone Vandalized
Terrorism Ads Reap Good Response
Edgar Brother s Writings (Portland Area)
Volumes Selling on Internet (Oakland County, MI)
World News Briefs
Religious Currents

V33N1 2004

Outreach in Ghana (Br. Homer Montague)
Siberian Winter Thawed by Heart Warming Fellowship (Br.Vasea Neagu, Sr. Natasa Neagu)
I-O July 21-25
Palestinian Solidarity Movement Brings Comfort Opportunity (Central OH)
Truth Activities Continue in India
World News Briefs
European Union Partners with Churches?
Religious Currents

V33N2 2004

Keyword Witnessing on the Internet
Divine Plan on GSN
Moldovan Travels (Brs. Allen Springer, Jerry Leslie)
For This Cause Shown in Russia (Brs. Allen Springer, Jerry Leslie)
Christians View Israel in Prophecy (Br. Ken Rawson)
New Ecclesias Formed in Nigeria (Br. Cajetan Egbu)
World News Briefs
Religion in the News

V33N3 2004

Hurricanes Pound Southeastern United States
Israel s High Priest Garments of Glory and Beauty
Trinity Brings High Drama from Opposition (Br. D. Varma)
Public Witness at DePauw
The Black Expo (Hope, IN)
Gleanings from Glasgow
500 Attend First Convention (Bangalore, India)
World News Briefs
Religion in the News
First Witness at Fair (Baltimore, MD)

V33N4 2004

Present Truth Regathering - 75 Years Ago
Rest From Her Labors (Sr. Alpha Koterba)
Digital Photodrama
Audio Reprint Box Set
Offers from Fort Worth
Their Alabaster Box of Time and Physical Endurance (Siberia)
World News Briefs
Religion in the News

V34N1 2005

Family of Blessings - Japanese Update
Secretary s Pen Laid Down
Newsletter s Dearly Beloved Secretary Has Died
Two Showings Needed in Public Witness (Phoenix, AZ)
A First for Mississippi
Bible Belt Harvesting for Israel (New Albany-Louisville)
Book of Remembrance
World News Briefs
Religion in the News

V34N2 2005

Memorial at the End of the Earth (Siberia)
Character Development New Book Offer
30 Translations of Volume One on Internet
Sowing in India
Seventy-five Attend Public Witness (Wilmington-Chesapeake City Ecclesia)
Clearwater Witness a Joy
Memorial Day Public Witness Best in Years (Los Angeles)
The Great Pyramid of Egypt Used in Public Witness (Metropolitan Detroit)
Sr. Lydia Turns 100 (Sr. Lydia Hanham)
World News Briefs
Religion in the News

V34N3 2005

What is Happening in Israel? (Br. Ken Rawson)
Man of Words, Now Silent (Br. Eugene Burns)
Fellowship in Romania/Moldova - The Bonds of Love (Br. Jerry, Sr. Sharon Leslie)
New Printing of Deluxe Six Volumes
Internet Radio Station (Orlando)
Christian Israel Public Meetings Continue (New Haven, Ct and Anderson, IN)
Why the Gaza Disengagement? (Witnessing Ad)
World News Briefs
Religion in the News

V34N4 2005

Walking by Faith (Br. Michael Costelli - Hurricane Katrina)
Sr. Wilma Marks a Century (Sr. Wilma Winterowd)
An Echo from the Carpathian Mountains
Hebrew Notes Now Available
New Topical Index Published
Books of Remembrance
Christian Questions Overruled and Growing
Harvest Efforts in Michigan (Metropolitan Detroit)
World News Briefs
Religion in the News

V35N1 2006

Renewed Interest Creates I-O
New Web Site Inspires Hope (Chicago Bible Students)
Volumes on Google Book Service
From Argentina With Love (Br. Brian, Sr. Robin Armstrong)
World News Briefs
Religion in the News

V35N2 2006

Pigrimage to India (Br. Ric cummingham, Br. Bob, Sr. Rebecca Gray)
You Shall know the truth, and the truth shall make you free (Br. Larry, Sr. Mariana Davis)
World News Briefs
Religion in the News

V35N3 2006

Christian Israel Witness (Br. Ken Rawson)
International Choir Gives Public Witness through Song
Bible Student Retirement Center Units Available
World News
Religion in the News
Michigan State Fair Witness (Oakland County)

V35N4 2006

A Visit Back in Time to Allegheny (Br. Jerry Leslie)
Excerpts from an Historical Interview (Sr. Rose Hirsh)
A Book of Remembrance
World News
Religion in the News

V36N1 2007

35 Years of Broadcasting the Divine Plan Program (Br. George Wilmott)
Resting from His Labors (Br. Albert Sheppelbaum)
Rejoicing in Fellowship and Study (Germany, Sr. Viorica Rosca, Br. Allen Springer)
New Book on Pastor Russell Released (Messenger of Millennial Hope)
Plentiful Opportunities
Volume Six Available in Italian

V36N2 2007

A Root of Truth in Moldova (Sr. Cher-El Hagensick)
Offers from The Portland Area Bible Students
Postcard Now Available
Volume Six Available in Italian
Tabernacle Shadows Goes to Argentina (Br. Michael Shilling)
Israel Public Witness Provides Spin-off Opportunities
Jesus, the Savior of the World (Witness Ad)

V36N3 2007

Bible Questions: Effective Web Witness (Central OH)
First Newsletter Committee Chairman Entered into Rest (Br. Stanley Gorgas)
Tenth Anniversary of The End Times Bible Report Quarterly (Central OH)
Korean First Volumes Available for Fairs
Black Expo Witness Effort (Hope, IN)
The News in Review
Daily Strength for Daily Needs
Why were the Saints, Saints? (Br. Anton Frey)

V36N4 2007

A Rich Legacy of Truth (Germany-England, Br. Allen Springer)
Journey Mercies (Br. Cajetan Egbu)
500,000 See For This Cause
Public Presentation in Mississippi
Out of India...into Africa
Messiah Video Now Available
Postcard Available (Chart of the Ages)

V37N1 2008

Shocking Interview (Br. Ken Rawson with Sheikh Professor Palazzi)
Disciplined Christian Soldier Finishes Warfare (Br. Edmund Jezuit)
I Always Prayed (Sr. Janina Fitz)
King David s Palace Found
Jerusalem Israeli or Palestinian ? (Witness Ad)
Christian Questions Update
Who Will Bury Us? (Moldova)
Traveling Pilgrim (Br. Cajetan Egbu)
Camp Songbook Available
The Life of Christ Book Offer (Chicago Bible Students)
World News
Religion in the News

V37N2 2008

China Has the First Volume
World Traveler Called Home (Br. Carl Hagensick)
News Briefs
Israel s Tabernacle (Central OH)

V37N3 2008

Israel At 60 - Years of Miracles (Booklet, Br. Ken Rawson)
Romanian Called South America Home (Br. Milo Lupsor)
Twice Blessed-The 14th International Convention of Bible Students (Br. Paul, Sr Joyce Lagno)
Spanish Booklet and Tract Now Available (Central OH)
Deluxe Volumes (New Brunswick)
BibleStudentLiterature.org Now Available
Valuable Bible Study Aid Available (Siniatic MS)
2008 Printers Row Book Fair
Information Briefs

V37N4 2008

Eastern Gates (Br. Jerry, Sr. Sharon Leslie, Sr. Irena Gawronski)
Book of Remembrance
The Sky through Bars
Machine Prints Books in Minutes (University of Michigan News Service September 25, 2008)
Kept by the Power of God - Sr. Marguerite Rosswick at 100 years
World News
Religion in the News

V38N1 2009

Uplifting Memories from the Land Down Under (Br. Allen Springer)
Blessings from the Lord in Israel (Sr. Connie Campbell)
Lord Overrules Post Office Mix-up
God Assisted Greatly (Br. Cajetan Egbu)
Retirement Center - A Boon for Fellowship
Visits Provided of the Lord (Siberia, Br. Vasia Neagu, Sr. Natasia Neagu)
World News
Religion in the News

V38N2 2009

Mabuhay-Philippines (Brs. Christiansen, Charlton, Kopczyk)
Sr. Eva Morgan Turns 100
Uganda - The African Heart (Br. Aaron Leslie)
Discerning the Lord s Will (Receiving the Newsletter Electronically)
Meetings Via Telephone
A Night To Honor Israel(Br. Paul Lagno)
Agwa Memorial Convention (Br. Cajetan Egbu)

V38N3 2009

Stepping Stones in Chinese Witness Effort (Br. Todd Alexander)
Life in a Glass Jar (Irena Sendler)
An African Harvest Safari (Br. Khurrsino Miranda)
2009 Printer s Row Lit Fest
New Internet Ministry
Ecclesia Dissolved
Illustrated Volume Two Available (Br. Paul Mali, New London, CT)
World News
Religion in the News

V38N4 2009

Encouraging the Brotherhood in Brazil (Sr. Marge Hagensick, Br. Michael Shilling)
Bulgarian Bible Students - A Brief History
Traversing Israel (Br. Ghita, Sr. Lisa Dragos)
Book of Remembrance
Faith s Foundations Reprinted (Portland Area)
Israel: Fulfilling Bible Prophecy in Italy

V39N1 2010

Whither the Land of Israel? (Br. Ken Rawson)
Secretaries List (Phoenix Bible Students)
Revelation Notebook (New Albany-Louisville)
Celebrating 100 Years and Reaching for the Goal (Sr. Florence Hopkins)
Public Meetings Concerning Israel
World News
Religion in the News

V39N2 2010

Getting To Know the Philippine Brethren (Brs. Christiansen, Kopczyk)
Kenya, Uganda/Congo and India (Br. Larry, Sr. Mariana Davis)
Italian Brethren in Romania (Sr. Bruno)
100 Years and Full of Hope (Sr. Vi Sigelko)
World News
Religion in the News

V39N3 2010

New Blessings for the Nigerian Bible Students (Br. Cajetan Egbu)
Religion in the News
Two 101-year-old Sisters in Christ Meet (Srs. Meg Rosswick, Eve Morgan)
World News Briefs
The Divine Plan Program-Words of Appreciation
Christian Questions Radio Update
Convention Discourse Catalogue (Br. David Stein)
Pope s Historic Visit to England - First in 500 Years
Pastor Russell on Climate Change
Vatican Synod Calls for End to Israel's Occupation